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WALK-IN DOG NAIL TRIM CLINIC: Thursday, June 20th, from 4:30 pm to 7:30 pm. Bring your dog to The Green Spot for a walk-in nail trim or grind. Each month benefits a different local rescue!


We honor all manufacturer Frequent Buyer Programs for foods that we carry. These programs allow you to save money or earn a free bag of food simply by saving your UPC seals or receipts.

Each program has its own requirements which need to be followed in order to participate. These rules have a tendency to change over time, so be sure to follow instructions carefully.


Most programs require that you purchase the same size and formula package to meet their conditions. Luckily, our system keeps track of your purchases for you through your Bonus Bones account so you don't have to worry about keeping track of stacks of receipts or UPC codes!

The following manufacturers are among the programs we currently offer. If you’d like to know whether a different manufacturer is currently offering a program, please let us know. If you have any questions, please call or email us.

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Answers Pet Food
Bixbi Broad Spectrum Hemp Oil
Bixbi Rawbble Dog Foods
BoxieCat & BoxiePro Litter
BoxieCat & BoxieDog Stain & Odor Remover
BoxieCat AIR & BoxiePro AIR Litter
Champion Acana & Orijen Dog & Cat Foods
Diggin’ Your Dog Treats & Supplements
Earthborn Holistic Dog & Cat Dry Foods
Essence Dog & Cat Foods
Farmina Dog & Cat Dry Foods
Fetch Fuel Liquid Supplement Toppers
Fromm Dog & Cat Dry Foods
Fussie Cat Dry & Canned Cat Foods
Grandma Lucy’s Dog Food
Honey I’m Home Dog Treats & Chews
Lotus Dog & Cat Foods
Metro Paws
Momentum Carnivore Treats
NaturVet Dog & Cat Supplements
Nature’s Logic Dog & Cat Foods
Nature’s Variety Dog & Cat Foods
Northwest Naturals Frozen & Freeze-Dried Foods
Nugget’s Healthy Eats Artisan Yogurt & Kefir Smart Snacks & Bone Brew
NutriSource & Pure Vita Dog & Cat Foods
OC Raw Frozen & Freeze-Dried Raw Food
Open Farm Dry Dog & Cat Food
Plato Pet Treats & Supplements
Presidio Fresh Breath Terrabone
Primal Edible Elixirs
Primal Pet Foods Dog & Cat Foods
Raised Right Human Grade Pet Foods
SmartCat Litter by Pioneer Pet
Sojos Freeze-Dried Dinners & Mixers
Stella & Chewy’s - Frozen & Kibble
Steve’s Real Food for Dogs & Cats
Super Snouts Hemp Co - CBD Soft Chews, Nutty Dog, Phyto & Hemp Supplements & Soul Vibe
Sustainably Yours Cat Litter
The Honest Kitchen Dehydrated Diets & Baked Clusters
Tucker’s Raw Frozen Diets
Vital Essentials Freeze-Dried & Frozen Raw
WizSmart Potty Pads

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