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Sisters Jessica Ellis and Whitney Kamish opened the doors of The Green Spot in January 2012 and haven’t looked back since! Located in the heart of Omaha at the Shoppes of Aksarben, TGS focuses on nutritious foods and natural, eco-friendly & organic products for dogs and cats. TGS has become a popular SPOT for local pet parents looking for better options, knowledgable solutions and a bright, fun and colorful experience centered around their pets.

Special diet? Super Chewer? Smelly dog? The Green Spot has you covered with the best in dog & cat nutrition, treats, toys, wellness supplies, and accessories- as well as fully-equipped Self-Serve Dog Washing stations and à la carte Grooming Services!

Your pet’s health and happiness is our #1 priority, and the quality and variety of products we offer reflects that. Whether you're searching for something in particular, or simply spending some quality time out of the house with your pet, join us for a bit! Your best friend will thank you!

The Green Spot is an independent, family owned and operated shop proud to be serving our local community of pet parents, and if we haven’t had the chance already, we look forward to getting to know you and your pet(s) soon!

TGS Core Values

1. Relationships - We believe in cultivating long-term relationships with our team members, customers, business vendors, and community. Every pet owner is important, whether they adopted a stray or paid thousands to a breeder, all pet owners who visit our business have one thing in common: They love their pets. We appreciate every pet lover who walks through our door.

2. Health - We are passionate about the health and well-being of pets. We love what we do and the opportunity to share our knowledge and enthusiasm with others. We believe that healthy equals happy. We sell only products that meet our quality standards as we believe in the value of quality over quantity.

3. Community - Our community is vital to our success: Without a loyal customer base of pet owners, we wouldn’t exist! We give back to our supportive community by partnering with local shelters for adoption and fundraising events. We believe in giving back and making a difference.

4. Expertise- We become experts by educating ourselves. We challenge ourselves to remain open-minded and explore what’s new. We regularly attend industry events and are members of several industry groups. We work hard to stay on top of the constantly changing industry landscape.

5. Working Together - We believe teamwork makes the dream work! Our best investment is in our team and we are stronger together! We believe everyone’s success depends on one another. We strive to create and foster an environment where each member of our team feels a sense of belonging and we appreciate one another’s contributions and celebrate accomplishments. Our team is well-trained, knows how to make decisions, and has the power to do what’s right in order to make sure everyone has a positive experience at our store.

6. Integrity - We do the right thing. We act with absolute honesty, integrity, fairness and mutual respect towards all. We foster an environment of collaboration, responsibility & accountability.

7. More than Profits - We believe in doing business as a force for good. We believe that by focusing on prosperity over profitability, we are able to create a meaningful impact that has significant effects. By cultivating a purpose-driven business, we can pay our team members a fair living wage, give back to our community and pursue positive environmental influence.

8. Fun - We create a workplace that is filled with laughter. We show our enthusiasm by energizing others, entertaining, and laughing often. Pets are family, and we are so fortunate to be in an industry with so many passionate people! We are grateful for the opportunity to enhance the health of our customer’s pets and enjoy creating a unique environment and various events that allow for community networking and education.

Meet Our Team


My name is Kassie and I’ve worked, and now help manage The Green Spot, for more than five years. Meeting and making new friends out of our wonderful customers and their precious pets is my favorite part. I have a whole pack of my own, 3 cats and 3 dogs, all spoiled, all raw-fed, and all rescues/rehomes. Healthy pets are one of my passions in life!


Taylor has worked at The Green Spot since 2016 and does a little bit of everything! She has a tiny chihuahua mix named Lola that is obsessed with her, adopted from Town & Country Humane Society. Lola shares their home with a whole furry crew of cats and small animal siblings.

Jess. A

Hi, I’m one of the 3 Jessica’s and this is Austin. I adopted him from NHS in March of 2020 and he’s the sweetest little guy. Austin and I loved shopping at The Green Spot so much that I got a part- time job here. It’s been fun learning about pet nutrition and meeting your furry family members!


Howdy! My name is Maureen & I am a student, certified nerd, terrible houseplant mom, & chihuahua apologist. Some of my biggest passions are learning new things, building community, caring for our planet, & fuzzy little guys. I adore my 3 small floofy pups & my kitten with mittens. When your pets are happy, I'm happy!


Hi, I am Alden. I am a freshman at the University of Nebraska Omaha, my major is in Business Administration. I have one dog and two cats who I love very much. I look forward to growing my knowledge about animal diets and health.


Emma and her pack have been with TGS about 3 years.  She helps us manage our social media, and during the day works for a social media platform. She’s passionate about sighthounds (greyhounds!) and volunteering for Heartland Greyhound Adoption. 

You’ll see her running around photographing every dog in sight and trying out new products! 

Her NGA retired racing greyhound, Bentley, Ron Swanson (lurcher) and Con Queso (Staffordshire mix) think The Green Spot is the bees knees!  


Hello, my name is Patrick. I've been working at The Green Spot since 2021. I have four dogs, Bucky (in photo), Cairo, Maisie, and Frankie, and two cats, Clementine and Corey. All of my beloved pets are rescues/rehomes.


Hey there! My name is Wynter, I'm usually pretty easy to spot with my constantly changing hair color. My favorite past times are drawing, making food, video games, and playing with my pup. I consider myself a child at heart and typically have my head in the clouds. My pup Skaði (pronoun.: Skowthee) is about 6 months old and she is a lab mix. She's equal parts snuggle-bug and spaz and keeps us on our toes. She's the best thing ever and I wouldn't change it. I've been with the Green Spot as of 2021 and love absorbing as much info as I can about nutrition. When I'm not here or with my little girl I also work part time with a local positive reinforcement dog training company.

Jess N

Jess shares her life with border collies Kyla (who passed in the summer of 2021) and 5 year old Murdock. Jess and Kyla competed in dog agility and enjoyed disc, sheep herding, learning tricks, and especially loved hiking together. Jess and Murdock enjoy hiking together, training for dog agility, playing ball, and Murdock loves to learn new tricks (his fave is “moon walking”.) Jess is a positive reinforcement and force-free dog trainer, a member of the Pet Professional Guild, and AKC Canine Good Citizen evaluator. She is also passionate about low-stress handling (nail trims, grooming, etc.) for dogs and cats.


Dana has been a customer of The Green Spot for years and decided to officially join the team! She is one of the Nebraska Team Leads for Bailing Out Benji, a non-profit organization that educates the public about puppy mills. The Bailing Out Benji team has gotten almost 1000 breeding dogs released from Nebraska puppy mills, and into foster homes with the Rescue Partners they work with. She personally fosters the dogs she can't get placed right away, and the extremely traumatized dogs that are either hospice or long term rehabs. On any given day when you ask her how many dogs she has - the answer can widely vary, 4 resident dogs and whatever mill dogs need her!


Hi, I'm Ethan, and this is Pita! I've been at the shop for over a year now and I'm what you would call the energetic one of the group. I work both here and at the Zoo, both in nutrition areas. I get along great with my co-workers and try to help customers by any means necessary for their needs for their furry companions!

What Omaha Customers are Saying

We love all our customers near Gilmore, Rumsey, Gilmore Junction, Council BluffsPapillion, Avery, Portal, La Vista, Ralston, Millard, South Omaha, Omaha, East Omaha, Carter Lake, Garden Valley Courts, Irvington, Beechwood - and more!

Come visit our pet supply store in Omaha, NE specializing in quality food, treats, and supplies for cats and dogs.