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Himalayan Dog Chew Yaky Puffs


What is a Yaky Puff?

Ever wondered what to do with those little pieces of left over Himalayan Dog Chew?

Those little pieces can be microwaved and puffed into 3-5 times the original size to make the Yaky Nuggets.

Since inception, we have tried numerous options to utilize those left over Himalayan Dog Chews.

These can be boiled 10-15 minutes in water to make it soft and easy to chop into smaller bits that can be served with their regular food.

However, after 100s of attempts and research with several techniques, we discovered that when small pieces are microwaved, they puff to about five times the original size. The result was not so soft and not so hard treats for dogs. It maintained the same cheesy flavor that they love equally, if not more.

Yaky Nugget was born!

Yaky Nuggets are treated with mild organic acid for better puffs and texture, cut to the correct size for uniformity and carefully tested for quality before packaged.

Microwave them yourself with Yaky Nugget Chew, or Just give them the Yaky Nugget Puff.

Guaranteed Analysis

Crude Protein Min 52.6%. Crude Fat Min 0.9%. Ash Max 6.0%. Moisture Max 10.2%


100% Yak and Cow Milk. Salt and Lime Juice.

Why is it so Special?

Cheese contains enzymes that help remove plaques from their teeth which eventually discourages tooth decay, gingivitis and bacterial growth. Yaky Puff are easier to chew and dissolves in the dogs mouth, that speeds up the effect of the cheese that Himalayan Dog Chew provide. Moreover, because of the strong smoked flavor, our research have shown that this is by far the best rewarding treats for dogs.