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Diggin' Your Dog Cluck's N' Moos Chicken & Beef Dog Treat Chips


Clucks N’ Moos have our proprietary Charki Liver Sauce swirled into each crunchy chip, making them very addictive… like the original Charki Puff!

Flip a Chip to your dog… a small treat for all size dogs… approx 5 calories per treat!
Great for the doggie dieter, there’s a ton of treats in each bag! About the size of a quarter, Clucks N’ Moos are made from 100% Natural USA Chicken and Beef. We Dig all the requests we have had for USA, Safe and Affordable Chicken Treats…so we made them! You can be assured that Diggin’ Your Dog has taken every available precaution to ensure a safe chicken treat line that owners can feel good about feeding to their best friend. 

What you get with Clucks N’ Moos:
- Antibiotic, Hormone Free USA Chicken and Beef
- An excellent low fat, high protein, grain-free treat
- Four understandable ingredients: USA Chicken, USA Beef Tendons, USA Beef LiverSalt (less than 1% used for processing)
- Amazing natural taste and consistency.

What you do NOT get with Clucks N’ Moos:
- Preservatives, additives, antibiotics, hormones, fillers.
- Glycerins, Glutens, Natural Flavorings, Grain.
- Phosphoric Acid, Sorbic Acid, Starch.