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Diggin' Your Dog Charki Puffs Original Beef Treats


Taste the LOVE! The best original dog treat ever! We guarantee it. If your dog doesn’t LOVE Charki Puffs, we will refund your $$… really, they are that good!
100% USA natural beef lung, bathed in our proprietary 100% pure liver sauce then slow roasted to perfection.
“Charki” comes from the 16th century Quechuan language of the Incas meaning “dried meat”. It’s the first known word for jerky. Most dogs can’t say “Charki” but make no mistake… when they barkie, they want Charki!

What you get with Charki Puffs:
- Antibiotic, Hormone Free USA Beef Lung and Liver
- An excellent low fat, high protein, grain-free treat
- Amazing taste and potential “addiction”
- Two understandable ingredients: USA Beef Lung, USA Beef Liver.
What you do NOT get with Charki Puffs:
- Preservatives, additives, antibiotics, hormones, fillers.
- Glycerins, Glutens, Natural Flavorings, Grain.
- Phosphoric Acid, Sorbic Acid, Starch.
WARNING: Charki Puffs are highly addictive. There might not be any form of rehab from this tasty addiction once your dog has gone to the “Charki – Side”.