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Bowser Beer



We brew up our own delicious broth with USDA beef – no flavorings,artificial color,onions,fat,salt,or MSG. In addition,malt barley is good for shiny coats and glucosamine aids in healthy joints.

12 fl oz. plastic, recyclable bottles with tamper proof,re-sealable caps – non-breakable for safety and portability. Refrigerate after opening. All natural and 100% made and bottled in USA.


Need a great gift idea?    Bowser Beer is unique, healthy, AND fun to give.

Dry kibble too boring?    Make dinner more exciting with a protein-rich topping.


Ingredient List for Beefy Brown Ale

  • Water (the basis of life)
  • Beef Stock (homemade,just like Gramma Bowser used to make)
  • Malt Extract (full of Vitamin B)
  • Glucosamine HCL (great for joints so they can get up and get YOU a beer)
  • Citric Acid,Sodium Benzoate,Potassium Sorbate (food safe preservatives for shelf life)